Terms and Conditions for bookings of Hill Cottage with Skyebreak

Preamble: In these terms and conditions the terms ‘Charles Caudle’ and ‘Skyebreak' (Charles Caudle trading as Skyebreak) both refer to and mean Charles Caudle as the ‘Owner’ of Hill Cottage.

A. Bookings

A confirmed Booking for the period stated on the confirmation constitutes a firm contract between you (the Client) and the Owner whereby you agree:

To pay, upon Booking, the Booking Deposit of £150 per week and permit Skyebreak to hold a credit card number against which a Security Deposit of £150 (against damage and breakages) may be held until your departure from the Cottage at the end of your booking.

To pay any balance due for the Booking no later than six weeks prior to the commencement date of the Booking (if the date is less than six weeks at the time of booking, the full amount is payable at that point). Non-payment of such a balance will be deemed to be cancellation of the Booking.

To treat and maintain Hill Cottage in the condition in which it was upon entry for the duration of your stay and to report any damage, breakages or issues affecting either your stay and/or the Cottage.

To accept legal and financial responsibility for any damage or breakages occasioned for the duration of the Booking.

If relevant, to control responsibly any pets accompanying you for the Booking both within the Cottage and within the grounds of the Cottage and specifically not to permit them in the bedrooms or bathrooms at any time.

That the commencement of a Booking will be any time after 16.00 on the first day and that you will vacate the Cottage by 10.00 on the last day.

That the number of persons staying in the Cottage for the duration of the Booking will not be greater than four. If this number is exceeded, Skyebreak reserve the right to refuse entry to the entire party.

B. In addition:

Cancellation. Any cancellation must be made in writing to: Charles Caudle, Skyebreak, Woods House, Stoke Gabriel, Totnes, TQ9 6RE or by email to info@skyebreak.co.uk. If Skyebreak succeeds in re-letting the Cottage for a part or the whole of the period of the Booking then any monies paid towards the Booking by the Client will be refunded less, if applicable, any difference between the amount achieved upon re-letting and that paid and /or due for the Booking contracted herein and less a combined banking and administration fee of £25. If Skyebreak is unsuccessful in re-letting the Cottage in these circumstances then the entire amount paid and/or due under the original contract will be forfeit. It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance.

Smoking. Smoking is not permitted within the Cottage. Any evidence of smoking having taken place during the Booking will mean immediate forfeiture of the Security Deposit and any additional charges in cleaning and/or fumigating the Cottage and its contents will be billed to the Client.

Complaints. Any complaints should be addressed either in writing to the address above or to info@skyebreak.co.uk or, if urgent, by telephone.

Liability. Charles Caudle and Skyebreak, its employees and agents shall not be under any liability to the Client or any third parties for any loss or damage arising form breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation or otherwise.

Warranties. Charles Caudle and Skyebreak does not warrant and is not responsible for the accuracy of any verbal information given or statements made by its servants or agents.

Right of Entry. A representative or Skyebreak shall be allowed the right of entry to the Cottage at all times for the purpose of carrying out any repairs or maintenance.

Every effort has been made to ensure that information on our website is correct or at the time of inspection of the accommodation and all this information and statements made by representatives or employees of Charles Caudle and Skyebreak are made in good faith but without liability.

Security Deposit Policy Terms and Conditions

The Cottage is in excellent condition and it is in good faith that the Owner lets it out together with its contents to the Client on the understanding that the Client agrees to keep the property and all furniture, fittings, equipment and other contents in or on the property (grounds included) in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the let (reasonable wear and tear is excepted).

It is on that basis that Skyebreak has implemented the Security Deposit as security during tenancy of the property, the terms and conditions of which are contained below.

  1. Prior to commencement of the Booking the Client undertakes either to permit Skyebreak to use a valid credit card to pre-authorise the sum of £150 as the Security Deposit or to pay £150 by cheque or bank transfer to Skybreak (Account name: Skyebreak; Sort code: 40-36-02; Account number: 61643274).
  2. It is a condition of commencement of the Booking that this deposit is made.
  3. Provided the Cottage and its effects are left in an acceptable condition as per the Terms and Conditions of Bookings of Hill Cottage with Skyebreak excepting normal wear and tear the security deposit will be refunded (less any bank charges if applicable).
  4. If the Terms & Conditions of Booking have not been met the whole of the deposit may be utilised and any over payment will be reimbursed to the cardholder after any repairs, replacement or other remedies have been completed. If the actual costs involved here are greater than the amount of the Security Deposit then these will also be recoverable from the Client.
  5. Notification of any claim against the Security Deposit and/or other sum will be notified to the Client by email, phone or letter within 48 hours of departure from the Cottage.
  6. Documentary evidence supporting any such claim will be made available to the Client with the word of the Housekeeper of the Cottage responsible for ensuring both the readiness of the Cottage for occupancy and checking it upon Client departures being accepted as final.